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BIO Lenses

  1. eZ View 15D BIO Lenses

    Our high- quality 15D BIO Lenses are widely used for high magnification viewing of the posterior pole which is the retina between the optic disc and the macula at the back of the eye. Specially designed with patented double aspheric glass optics, these lenses provide enhanced imaging quality. High magnification provides excellent imaging of the macular and optic disc in examination and during surgery of eye. These lenses are highly acclaimed for their detailed optic disc views which facilitate glaucoma screening examination.
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  2. eZ View 20D BIO Lenses

    All the imaging components in these condensing 20D BIO Lenses are made entirely from glass to ensure maximum image integrity. Our BIO lenses are perfectly corrected for astigmatism, field curvature, aberrations and coma. These are the best industry standard general diagnostic lenses. It features optimized design which provides finest image clarity throughout the entire viewing field. In addition, the lens surfaces are protected with optical aberrations.
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  3. eZ View 22D BIO Lenses

    Our 22D BIO Lenses are best known for delivering critical high definition viewing of a 20 diopter along with wide-field viewing of higher diopter lenses. These are the mid- range lenses, widely used for general fundus examinations with the binocular indirect ophthalmoscope. Large diameter and unique optical design of these lenses also feature magnification with very wide field of view. These lenses are also available with blue, red, gold, green, purple, or traditional black holding ring.
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  4. eZ View 25D BIO Lenses

    The contact elements used in these 25D BIO Lenses are made of glass which allows their suitability for non-fluid applications & alcohol and peroxide cleaning. Ideal for examination of ROP patients with smaller palpeblar fissures, these lenses are excellent for use during pediatric examinations. Provide more field of view than a 20D lens, our complete range is made with a computer optimized aspheric design for maximum resolution. In addition, these lenses are also finished with advanced anti-reflective coating which offers a brighter and clearer image.
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  5. eZView 28D BIO Lenses

    Our 28D BIO Lenses are made with exclusive anti-reflective lens coating. These lenses are specifically designed to minimize ambient reflection, thus, producing a pristine retinal image. Highly suitable for small pupil diagnosis and treatment, these lenses are best known for their excellent wide- field viewing. These lenses ensure maximum image integrity with all the components made of glass. Feature condensing systems, these lenses avoid the problem of cracking, crazing and hazing that are typically associated with plastic optics.
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  6. eZView 30D BIO Lenses

    Our 30D BIO Lenses are highly suitable for pupil diagnosis and treatment. These lenses provide optimized field of view which ensures full retinal image during pediatric examinations. Feature optical design, these lenses deliver high resolution views even through a small pupil. Deliver a wide field of view along with shorter working distance; these lenses are coated with anti- reflective formula which ensures their suitability for use with all Diode, Argon and YAG laser systems.
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  7. eZView 40D BIO Lenses

    These 40D BIO Lenses are easy to use at a slit lamp for providing ultra high magnification views of the posterior pole. These are quick scanning lenses that are suitable for work through small pupils. Specially designed for use during pediatric examinations, these lenses have computer optimized aspheric design that provides maximum resolution and field of view. Our entire range is made with HD anti-reflective coating that offers brighter and clearer images.
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