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Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

  1. eZ View 95 Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    Our Non Contact Surgical Lenses feature superior double aspheric designs that provide the finest image quality. Made from robust glass, these lenses are suitable for repetitive steam sterilization without any risk of material degradation. These lenses deliver widest angle field of view in any non contact system. In addition, it also allows the visualization of retina approaching the ora serrata. We even have the smallest diameters of lens for increasing space for instrument manipulation.
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  2. eZ View 115 Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses are specifically developed for general diagnosis and small pupil examinations. These slit lamp lenses are best known for their patented double aspheric glass optics that are proven to be enhance the imaging quality of the retina. These lenses are the most practical equipments for indirect ophthalmoscopy with the slit lamp. Our lenses offer a wide range of characteristics including maximum field of view, excellent magnification and undilated pupil examination.
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  3. eZ View 124SP Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    eZView 124SP : Perfect for the difficult to dilate patient. You'll achieve an excellent view of the fundus through pupils as small as 3mm.
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  4. eZ View 125 Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    eZView 125 : An excellent " general use" slit lamo lens. Ideal balance of high magnification viewing and small pupil capability.
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  5. eZ View 60D Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    eZView 60D : The high magnification offered by the 60D is ideal for detailed observation of hte posterior pole. Superior stereoscopic properties.
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  6. eZ View 78D Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    eZView | Non-Contact Slit Lamp Lenses :All ion vision lenses are composed entirely of precision instrument-grade glass for superior diagnostic and treatment performance.Our optimized design and exclusive enhanced broadband coating ensure maximum image integrity.Just one look and you'll recognize the quality advantage that our ezView BIO lenses deliver.eZView 78D : Ideal general diagnostic and treatment lens. Available n colors : Black, Blue, Purple, Red & Green.
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  7. eZ View 90D Non Contact Slit Lamp Lenses

    eZView 90D : The standard slit lamp biomicroscopy lens. Our 90D design delivers superior clarity, stereopsis and outstanding small pupil capabilities. Compare it to your 90D and see the difference. Available in colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Red and Green.
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