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  1. OT8CE LED Fibre Otoscope (Pocket Model)

    Available in cardboard foam lined case, this Pocket Otoscope provides a bright full spectrum LED light. The instrument is shock resistant and long in battery life. It includes a large round optical scratch resistant glass lens which gives a crystal clear look inside the ear with zero distortion while examining. Handy to use, the instrument is light in weight and comes with both adult and pediatric size disposable specula. The instrument is specially designed to provide a crystal clear view of the tympanic membrane in the ear.
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  2. OT8DE LED Fibre Otoscope

    Our Digital Otoscopes are specifically developed based on the technology of quick inspection, easy capturing and instant sharing. Widely used by ENT specialists to perform examinations of the ear, this instrument focuses on the inner ear canal and the tympanic membrane. In addition, it is also used for general illumination in the throat and nasal cavities. With this instrument, one can easily capture digital images and video with valuable diagnostic data to further share all this with remote physicians or other healthcare providers.
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  3. OT8L Surgical Operating Otoscope

    Surgical Operating Otoscope is extensively used in ear examinations. It features an open design with rotatable lens for ensuring convenient procedures along with bright light output. An advanced halogen lamp is embedded in the otoscope for true tissue color and long-lasting performance. Its fiber- optic illumination produces cool light. The instrument efficiently clears the way for easy access and examination under magnification and illumination.
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  4. 3.5V Bivalve Nasal Speculum

    Nasal Speculum is an instrument widely used by ENT doctors to examine the nose of patients. Designed with two flanges that are easy to insert into the nostril, the instrument is extensively used during anterior rhinoscopy. The flanges of the speculum offer a better view of the structures inside the nose by widening the nasal cavity. It is widely used in various procedures such as for removing any foreign body from nose, nasal packing and in septal surgeries while making the incision.
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  5. 3.5V Larynx/Nasopharynx Illuminators

    Laryngoscopy is basically endoscopy of a specific part of the throat, known as larynx. Fibre Optic Laryngoscope is specially developed for the procedure with reduced weight. This improves the balance and maneuverability even in the most difficult intubations. Features one- piece stainless steel construction, this instrument ensures blade integrity and minimizes corrosion. All this reduces the risk of contamination in patients. It is also provided with a bright, white Halogen illumination for providing clear, color-corrected view.
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  6. 3.5V Multi Purpose Fiber Optic Illuminators

    Our extensive range of Fibre-Optic Illuminators features good heat dissipation and low power consumption. In addition, it also provides high brightness and ensures long-term stability of cold light lighting. Widely used in various ENT procedures and examinations, these illuminators use a wide range of voltage input. Compact in designs, our complete range features a unique condenser system. Integrated with an advanced Halogen technology, these are offered to clients at a very reasonable price.
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  7. HL8000 Headlight

    Our Operating Headlight is lightweight and ergonomically balanced to minimize the load on head. It features double padding for utmost comfort and convenience. Supplied in various hospitals, clinics, universities and military bases, these headlights are specially designed taking into consideration the requirements of surgeons while operating on a patient. It is specially designed with long battery life. A crucial component of surgical procedures, it is available in both halogen and LED configurations.
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